Halesowen Beer Mile 2019!

Halesowen Beer Mile 2019!

The oft-quoted phrase; “A drinking club with a running problem” was never more true than on Saturday night when the third annual Halesowen Beer Mile Relay took place on the track.

Sixteen of our finest members took part and pre-race favourites were hard to pick, with years of drinking and running experience across the whole of the field.

Windy conditions hampered race preparations and the sight no one wanted to see inevitably happened when a full table of Guinness was blown over onto the track.

Replacement drinks were quickly sourced and the pre-race tension started to build …

This year saw an added element of jeopardy with an FA Cup style random draw with the teams drawn minutes before the race started.

Mick Deakin played the Ted Croker role to perfection (there’s one for the teenagers!) although it did raise some eyebrows when 2018 champions Dave Turvey and Marc Turner were pitted together again.

Meanwhile, Keith Perry explained the rules and ensured the relay changeover zone met full IAAF criteria.

With Keith’s eyes eagerly trained for spillages, Mick on the stopwatch and Steve Horton with camera in hand, the Midlands premier eight and a half lap alcoholic athletic challenge was underway!

The format was unchanged with each runner downing half a pint at the start of each of their four laps of the track before handing over to their partner. The race concluded with a final drink for both team members before the terrifying 5 minute puke-free period started!

The final results were as follows:

1st – Chris Royal and Alex Morgan

11 minutes 29 seconds

2nd – Sarah Thompson and Jamie Sircom

13 minutes 30 seconds

3rd – Kerri James and Andy Yapp

14 minutes 21 seconds

4th – Sam Morton and Peter Dear

15 minutes 00 seconds

5th – Matt Allen and Dan Cleary

15 minutes 31 seconds

6th – Bill Nock and Paul Allen

19 minutes 52 seconds

7th – Marc Turner and Dave Turvey

23 minutes 37 seconds

DQ – Lily Higgins and Adam Cross

13 minutes and 47 seconds

The five minute post-race puke-free period saw a number of different techniques ranging from sitting on the ground, the traditional standing up crouching over position and the distraction technique of talking to your partner incessantly about motorway junctions.

Lily Higgins picked up the only disqualification of the night having failed to keep down two pints of full strength …. water.

The evening continued in the bar afterwards with all the participants enjoying even more alcoholic beverages whilst being accompanied by a full repertoire of ukulele classics.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to organise such a fun evening and don’t forget two other track events which are coming up in the next few weeks – the Halesowen Sports Day on Saturday 31st August and the Club 3k and 5k Championships on Wednesday 4th September.


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