HACC Strava Segment Challenge

HACC Strava Segment Challenge

HACC Segment Challenge

To help keep people motivated over the next few weeks, Peter D and I thought about a segment challenge.

For the first week, the segment is Manor Way to Uffmoor Lane Run

You need to be a member of Halesowen Athletics Club on Strava to appear on the leaderboard which can be split per week, which I think runs from Monday to Sunday

If you’ve got the fastest overall time by 12pm on Sunday 29th March, you get to choose the next segment.

Only rule is that it needs to be achievable within a 10 mile run radius  from the club.  Just to clarify, you don’t need to do a 10 mile run, it is just to suggest that you can choose a segment within the general vicinity. Woodgate valley is in, Dunstall drop has been mentioned, I’m not sure on Shutmill or the Pines…

The pic below shows the furthest point, but I’d recommend something a little more central.   There are no rules on how much you run either side of the segment, but I’m sure people will be looking.

If it carries on for a 3rd week, the choice will alternate between the fastest man or woman


We’re not setting up a separate WhatsApp group, but feel free to comment on Facebook and existing groups

Please remember current guidance on social distancing

Good Luck


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