The Chairman Speaks out!

The month of May is usually a very busy month in the athletics calendar and this month has been no

From the County Track & Field Championships at Worcester, the Midweek Race Series at Hagley
through to the Young Athletes Development League (YADL) at Solihull and Stourport respectively
we’ve all been out and about doing our stuff.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of Timekeeping for the YADL Upper Age group meeting at Stourport, I
have to say, I thought over the years, I’d seen everything at these meetings but when the officials
from our club out number the athletes then it really does make you wonder what we’re all doing
with our time!!

This league is aimed at the under 17 and Under 20 age group, I know it’s busy time for revision and
holidays but quite frankly it was quite embarrassing to see such a poor response to our team
managers, Oliver Dodd and Helen Hilliard’s requests for athletes to take part in the event.

Congratulations and Thank you to those Halesowen athletes that did take part, you competed
fantastically well with a new PB for Matt Wilkinson in the 1500 metres but I think I ought to say an
even bigger THANK YOU to the officials of Halesowen who turned up, and officiated primarily for
athletes of other clubs in order that the event ran smoothly and did so with good grace and a smile
on their faces, so Keith Perry, Mick Deakin, Andrew Simpson, Alan Smallwood, Jo Smallwood and
Oliver Dodd please stand up and take a bow.

It’s not been too long ago that this team of ours was competing at the top of its respective age
group, I know the club has been through a great deal of turmoil over the past 12 months or so but
quite frankly I think we’re much better than this.

At yesterday’s meeting I heard “perhaps we should join forces and put in a composite team”

What this means is that we join forces with another club to improve our performance, quite frankly
I’d rather join Birchfield Harriers before I let that happen at Halesowen!!

The final fixture in this competition will be held on the 1 st July at Solihull, so please can we try and be
a little more forthcoming with our availability and show what our club is all about and smash the
final competition of the season!!

Steven Millington
Halesowen A & CC

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