OFFICIALLY a great thing to do for the club

OFFICIALLY a great thing to do for the club

Ever since my daughter started to compete at athletics meetings for the club, I have helped out our team of field event officials.  This year I thought that I should get properly registered.  The club get points added to the score at each meting if they put out a full team of suitably qualified officials.

The training day for my Level 1 was good fun and very informative.  Following that I had to officiate at four events and get the Match referee to sign my experience log.  I did this across the season as part of the club field officials team, taking on some of the more important roles and checking scorecards before submission.  To move to Level 2, I need to get a further six events signed off and complete a short online quiz.

A typical club meeting sees us officiating at three individual throws and/or jumps, so we are busy for about half the day.  A team of field officials is ideally four strong and involves us safely marshalling the competitors; checking the legality of the jump or throw; measuring and recording; and raking or retrieving.  There is always plenty of banter and the whole experience is very rewarding.  I enjoy it much more than simply watching all day.  The club is always in need of officials and I would encourage anyone to get involved and join in the fun.

Andrew Simpson

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