Lord Peter’s Lockdown Leagues!

Lord Peter’s Lockdown Leagues!


Hello everybody, being put into national lockdown has forced us to cancel the next club xc relay event on Saturday 14th November , this has made me very sad… That just won’t do!

In its place we have all the fuel to fire your competitive spirits this November. πŸ”₯πŸŽ‡ Coming to you in the form of 2 “mini lockdown leagues”.

Each week there’ll be a new challenge for you to put yourselves to the test. Each league is a 3 event competition, you’ll earn points based on your position in each event… Who’ll come out on top at the end? More info below:

W/C Mon 9th November: 100m
W/C Mon 16th November: 200m

W/C Mon 23rd November: 400m

W/C Mon 9th November: 1KM
W/C Mon 16th November: 3KM

W/C Mon 23rd November: 5KM

W/C Mon 9th November: 1 Mile (1609m)
W/C Mon 16th November: 5KM

W/C Mon 23rd November: 10KM

The track is available for members to use (please see previous posts for rules on usage). I imagine this will be the preferred venue for sprints and maybe the mile too; I will have a mile marker put down in lane 1 on the track, otherwise for 5K/10K we can go by GPS data.

To keep things fair we’ll say that any net downhill routes should be avoided. Also, assuming most of the sprints will also be self timed, we’re counting on your honesty as an athlete (although if you can get someone else on a stopwatch for you that’d be ideal)πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈβ±.(for anyone wanting to do the longer stuff, 5K or 10K on the track and is unsure on the lappage πŸ˜‚, give me a shout)

You can have as many attempts as you like at each distance as long as you can submit your time to me before the week is up! There’ll be a weekly update on results πŸ‘

Please email your weekly performances to: peter.w.dear@gmail.com

Who’ll take all the glory? πŸ†


Lord Peter Dear

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