Lord Peter’s Lockdown League: Week 2 Results

Lord Peter’s Lockdown League: Week 2 Results


Some great performances, with a handful of PB’s!

Bill continues to run nowhere else but the Boxing Day course and our own Jamie Sircom is even toying with the idea of running this weeks 10K on our track!! (that’d be 28 laps +200m of pure madness!)

This final weeks challenges are:
Sprints: 400m
Junior Endurance (U18): 5K
Senior Endurance: 10K

Just want to touch on ages… This isn’t an official competition, there are no “real” age restrictions, but can I please ask that athletes/parents are sensible with the distances they take on. Thank you 🙂

Who’s gonna throw a spanner in the works and jumble up the order a bit? There’s still plenty to play for!

200 metres results

1st Adam Parsons 24.50
2nd Tom Parker 25.16

3rd Peter Barks 27.18
4th Ashleigh Kennedy 28.66
5th Thomas Harris 29.89
6th Naomi Barks 30.92
7th Falan Malone-Priest 31.93
8th George Allen 32.60
= Cerys Brook 32.60
10th Milly Allen 32.83
11th Ellie Webster 33.98
12th Emma Massingham 34.25
13th Phoebe-Mai Pye 34.75
14th Louie Kennedy 34.96
15th Kian Hazelwood 35.00
16th Joe Webster 35.66
17th Jack Payne 38.05
18th Jamie Sircom 39.00
19th Jacob Burton 41.08
20th Nia Brook 42.22
21st Matt Allen 44.40
22nd Huw Brook 47.97
23rd Alistair Grant 58.40

3k results

1st Alex Taylor 11:42
2nd Thomas Harris 11:44
3rd George Allen 11:48
4th Cerys Brook 11:59
5th Falan Malone-Priest 12:31
6th Jack Payne 13:05
7th Phoebe-Mai Pye 13:37
8th Joe Webster 13:43
9th Kian Hazelwood 14:12
10th Milly Allen 14:23
11th Ashleigh Kennedy 14:29
12th Nia Brook 16:03
13th Naomi Barks 16:30
14th Jacob Burton 16:54
15th Emma Massingham 17:02
16th Ellie Webster 17:31
17th Huw Brook 18:29

18th Louie Kennedy 20:56

5k results

1st Peter Dear 16:58
2nd David Turvey 17:15
3rd Adam Cross 17:38
4th Bill Nock 20:20
5th Richard Harris 20:54
6th Andy Nock 22:14
7th Matt Allen 22:35
8th Rob Weaver 22:52
9th Peter Barks 22:58
10th Jamie Sircom 23:14
11th Falan Malone-Priest 23:14
12th Paul Allen 24:03
13th Sophie Weaver 24:22

14th Ian Priest 25:45

The full results breakdown and series standings are in the documents attached below.

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