Le Tour de France HACC Style

Le Tour de France HACC Style

On the 7th October Monsieur Kerry Perry lead a expeditionary party of 12 able bodied men to explore the as yet unfamiliar country side of Brittany; we departed from the surrounding areas of Halesowen athletics club on Thursday afternoon and headed down to Plymouth for the overnight ferry to Roscoff. The journey was uneventful as far as the seas were concerned and a pleasant evening of polite conversation soon began which was helped along with a few drinks.

We awoke to a view of Roscoff harbour, once we disembarked,  we headed for breakfast and got organised for the days ride ahead.

The first day was to travel from Roscoff to Brest, catch a ferry from Brest to Le Fret then cycle a few miles more into Morgat. The days ride was about 50miles in total but was hampered by bad weather.

We stayed at Morgat for 2 nights and cycled around the local area enjoying the scenery and exploring routes we had not been before. From Morgat we travelled to Landerneau (42 miles) which is a beautiful town with some fascinating architectural buildings. The next day we cycled from Landerneau back to Roscoff where we stay overnight in a hotel that can only be described as the French version of Faulty Towers!! We then had a day to go and explore Roscoff, myself and Alex went to visit a nearby town called Saint Pol De Leon.

Steve Froome Horton


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