Midlands 7 Race Report

Midlands 7 Race Report

Midlands 7 Mile Championships (18/11/17) (Adam Cross)

As an 11-strong men’s team, headed off from Halesowen, the early morning rain cleared into an over-cast sky at Bulwell Park, Nottingham.

With the 1st five finishers from last week’s league race missing, it was a chance for the rest to make up ground in the club cross-country competition. Jamie Sircom, in his first cross-country, received plenty of good advice. Peter Dear received slightly different advice, after admitting to running a 5K Parkrun that morning!

From the gun, Tipton and Notts set the early pace but my attention was on Dave Turvey and Pete (with less than 40 seconds between the three of us last week, it was sure to be a close race today).

After a half-lap to start, we began the first of three full laps. Around the 2-mile mark, I passed Pete at the exact point I had predicted in our warm-up and it brought a few seconds of light relief to the race. From then on, the three of us remained separated by only a handful of places and the regular turns meant you were constantly reminded of the fact.

Despite a final surge from Pete, the order remained the same on the line with Pete literally hot on my heels and Dave Turvey not far behind. There was a regular flash of “old gold” across the finish line with Dave Lewis’ marathon training seeing him finish strongly followed by Phill Scarr, Bill Nock, James Hoult, Alex Morgan, James Parker, Andy Nock and Jamie Sircom.

Tipton Harriers (57 points) narrowly beat Notts AC (62 points) for the team prize. The results were reversed in the individual competition, with Alistair Watson (Notts AC) claiming 1st and Peter Crookes (Tipton) 2nd. As a team, we finished 6th.

Halesowen runner of the day goes to Jamie Sircom for choosing one of the longest cross-country races in the calendar for his debut!

Up Owen!!!

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