Halesowen Club 3000m / 5000m Championship – 2019 Results

Halesowen Club 3000m / 5000m Championship – 2019 Results

In cool and blustery conditions, the annual 3000m and 5000m Club Championships were held on the track on Wednesday 4th September.

Kristian Bayley and Lily Higgins were the winners of the 5000m with Lucas Wolf-Pudne and Emily Amos triumphant in the 3000m.

The winners trophies will be awarded at the Track and Field Presentation Evening which will be held on Friday 27th September.

Here are the full results from all three races:

5000M – A RACE

1st     Kristian Bayley        U20M     16:37.6 – Winner of Seth Somers Cup

2nd    Dan Cleary             SENM     16:41.7

3rd     Peter Dear             SENM     16:51.7

4th     Adam Cross             M40       16:57.5 – 1st M40

5th     Mark Hadley            M50        17:32.1 – 1st M50

6th     Andy Butler              M40        17:44.5

7th     James Hoult            SENM     17:55.5

8th     Roger Mallard         M40         18:03.1

9th     Nick Hazlewood      M40         18:19.0

10th   Lily Higgins             U20W       19:01.6 – 1st FEMALE – Winner of Women’s Trophy

11th    Bill Nock                 M55         19:06.6

12th   Sarah Thompson    F35         19:07.8 – 2nd FEMALE

13th    Abigail Saker         U20W       19:53.3 – 3rd FEMALE

14th   Tom Knowles        SENM        20:20.2


5000M – B RACE

1st     Simon Duck          M50          20:47.5

2nd    Jamie Sircom       M45          20:50.9

3rd     John Hill               M65          21:00.0 – 1st M60

4th     Steve Horton        M45          21:39.6

5th     Richard Guest      M50          21:52.5

6th     Rob Weaver         M45          22:03.0

7th     Sally Spencer       F55         22:33.3 – 1st F50

8th     Peter Barks          SENM       23:09.0

9th     Chloe Fitzpatrick   SENW      23:50.8

10th    Al Tromans           M65         23:53.0

11th    Paul Allen             M70         24:28.5 – 1st M50

12th    Nigel Crompton    M55         24:31.4


3000M – U15 and U17

1st     Lucas Wolf-Pudne     U17M   10:20.4 – 1st U17M

2nd    Eli McMillan               U15B    12:14.4 – 1st U15B

3rd     Emily Amos               U15G    12:35.1 – 1st U15G

4th     Charlie-Ann Baird     U15G     13:15.5 – 2nd U15G



Amelia Hartshorn (U15G – 11:15) and Falan Malone-Priest (U17W – 12:57) ran an unofficial 3000m Time Trial as part of the 5000m B Race

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