Halesowen Athletics Club – Update from Steven Millington

Halesowen Athletics Club – Update from Steven Millington

Further to previous posts regarding our latest difficulties, our governing body England Athletics have advised that we should suspend our group training sessions.

We knew this was coming and had made plans to publicise the fact later this week. However, this announcement has meant we need to bring things forward.

I think it’s good to have a plan in these situations, this is ours.

Organised training sessions will be suspended from Thursday 19th March; our coaches have said they will run sessions this week to give people a chance to sort themselves out.

The track and changing rooms will not be closed over the coming weeks but the advice is that we should train alone or in small groups.

If you fancy some fresh air and exercise all members should feel free to use the track.

In addition to the above we are suspending all other activities, Saturday Club, Thursday Strollers and the Easter Holiday Athletics Camp, which was due to be held from April 6-7.

Below you’ll find a link to the relevant information on the EA website.


Obviously this is a very difficult time for everyone, once we (the committee) had a chance to settle down and regroup we’ll be in touch with further information.

Steven Millington

Chair – Athletic Section

Halesowen A & CC



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