HACC on tour to Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

HACC on tour to Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

Sunday 8 September saw a team of runners and supporters travel to the homeland of Paul Allen, for the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon.  In order to avoid being late, Guesty arranged for a home pick up, so courtesy of driver Stuart Tolson, we were on our way to the race.

Pre race breakfast was found in Shrewsbury with rounds of toast for the runners and cake for the supporters.

On to the race and a warm up reckie saw trip leader Mark Hadley pointing out where to start your finishing kick, and to remember it’s a 11 mile race with a mile up to start and a mile downhill to finish.

Weather conditions were perfect and the race is on closed roads, it’s not flat all the way around with a slow steady climb from 10k to 10 miles, but team Price had it well paced all the way around.

The perfect planning and preparation with top support from Mick Deakin, Paul and Stuart meant pb’s for most and seasons’s best for all, so we optimistically awaited and awaited the presentation, but age group prizes were only awarded to 1st, but these did go up to 80+, so with third place for Sarah and Mark, and 7th place in the team, we headed back to base via ‘spoons in Bridgnorth

A top day out and a good race too, so it’s sure to be on the calendar for next year #UpOwen

Pos    M    F    Name    Surname    Cat    Cat/Pos    Pace per Km/Mile    ChipTime    Chip    GunTime   
38 38   Mark Hadley M50 (003/108) 03:36/05:48 01:15:59 38 01:16:00
53 52   Andrew Butler M40 (005/104) 03:45/06:02 01:19:02 53 01:19:08
60 59   Andy Yapp M40 (007/104) 03:49/06:08 01:20:11 59 01:20:19
67 65   Jonathan Lewis M S (044/232) 03:50/06:10 01:20:40 66 01:20:46
140   13 Sarah Thompson F35 (003/073) 04:12/06:46 01:28:28 140 01:28:37
319 261   Nick Price M45 (045/117) 04:47/07:41 01:40:41 326 01:40:45
337 275   Matt Allen M40 (036/104) 04:49/07:46 01:40:59 331 01:41:41

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