Cross Country Virtual Presentation Event

Cross Country Virtual Presentation Event

Although it seems like a long time ago since we were avoiding torrential storms at Aldersley Stadium, one of the main events that should have happened was to recognise our young athlete’s cross country performances over the season.   We are planning a virtual presentation event and you should have received an email with some more details this weekend (27/06).  If you’re on the list below  and haven’t had an email, please reply with the name of the young athlete and a contact email address to

Under 11 Boys   Ruben Ray

Under 11 Boys   Toby Rolinson

Under 11 Boys   Max Cauldwell

Under 11 Boys   Joe Webster

Under 11 Boys   Kian Hazelwood

Under 11 Boys   Adam Scarr


Under 11 Girls   Chloe Eastoe

Under 11 Girls   Isabelle Pankhurst

Under 11 Girls   Millie Kelly

Under 11 Girls   Olive Thomas

Under 11 Girls   Nia Brook

Under 11 Girls   Emma Massingham

Under 11 Girls   Phoebe-Mai Pye


Under 13 Boys   Eli McMillan

Under 13 Boys   Ryan Worton

Under 13 Boys   Logan Hamblett

Under 13 Boys   Alex Taylor


Under 13 Girls   Evelyn Biddlestone

Under 13 Girls   Holly Eastoe

Under 13 Girls   Ashleigh Kennedy

Under 13 Girls   Harriet Hartshorn

Under 13 Girls   Laura Harris

Under 13 Girls   Gwen Albutt

Under 13 Girls   Zara Cambridge

Under 13 Girls   Chloe Allen

Under 13 Girls   Olivia Stark

Under 13 Girls   Cerys Brook

Under 13 Girls   Jessica Dale

Under 13 Girls   Annabel Stark


Under 15 Boys   Connor Cahill

Under 15 Boys   Jamie Worton

Under 15 Boys   Bryn Jenkins

Under 15 Boys   George Allen

Under 15 Boys   Thomas Harris

Under 15 Boys   Billy Papworth



Under 15 Girls   Francesca Teague

Under 15 Girls   Isabella Wooldridge

Under 15 Girls   Ryley Malone-Priest

Under 15 Girls   Charlie-Ann Baird

Under 15 Girls   Paige Allbutt

Under 15 Girls   Emily Amos

Under 15 Girls   Amelia Hartshorn


Under 17 Men   Samuel Rouse

Under 17 Men   James Rolinson

Under 17 Men   Sam Mannings

Under 17 Men   Jimmy Ostle

Under 17 Men   Lucas Wolf-Pudney


Under 17 Women            Lottie Roberts

Under 17 Women            Orla Sweeney

Under 17 Women            Falan Malone-Priest

Under 17 Women            Eleanor Stark

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