Midland Track and Field League Update from Keith Perry

Midland Track and Field League Update from Keith Perry

Midland Track and Field League 2021

The Midland Track and Field League was formed in 2007 with the amalgamation of the men’s and women’s leagues. HACC found itself in Division 2 at the time- there were eight divisions. We have been relegated and promoted several times since then.

After 2019 we were relegated to Division 4 but at the 2019 AGM it was decided to regionalize the divisions below Division 3 and HACC was put into Division 4 South West with DASH, Forest of Dean AC, Hereford and County AC, Kidderminster and Stourport AC, Newport AC (South Wales) and Tipton Harriers. The 2020 season, of course did not happen so that the structure for 2021 is the same as for 2020.

Peter, Mateusz, Jonny and Kristian at the July 2019 Midland League meeting at Telford

Our 2021 fixtures are on Saturday 22nd May at Hereford, Sunday 20th June at Stourport, Sunday 18th July at Newport in South Wales and Sunday 15th August at Tipton, which we are jointly hosting.

The league was originally for MCAA clubs only but others have been accepted by various AGMs, e.g. Newport AC (Wales) and Abingdon AC. All athletes in the Under 17 age group and above, male and female can compete, subject to UKA restrictions. I can clarify the exact rules on request!

All track and field events are included at every fixture with the exception of 10,000m and walks, unless the track or field referee cancels events on safety grounds.

At the 2019 AGM, women’s steeplechase as a points scoring event was finally accepted. Also women will compete over 5,000m and 3,000m steeplechase in line with the men.

Clubs pay £500 per annum subscription to the league and are encouraged to host a fixture at least every two years.

The Tipton track where we will be hosting the Midland League meeting on Sunday 15th August

We have hosted most years – usually at Tipton – and are jointly hosting this year.

Hosting at Tipton, with First Aid provision, officials’ lunches, ammunition fees etc. can easily exceed £1000! Clubs are reimbursed their subscription for hosting. The host has to provide the senior officials as well as the usual ones. This is in hand for Tipton on August 15th but as you can imagine it is quite a task (I have nothing else to do though!).

Like in most leagues, clubs have to provide at least four field officials (at least one at Level 2 or above), a timekeeper and track judge. Once UKYDL and Heart of England fixtures are finalized, our officials will be contacted.

At the 2020 AGM it was decided to plan for the season as normal, on the understanding that some or all of the fixtures might not happen. The league committee prioritized as follows:

1. Hold four fixtures per division, with only one club from each of the three regionalized divisions to be promoted. If fewer than four fixtures are held, there would be no promotion or relegation.

2. Hold “local” meetings, possibly with restricted events, with clubs from a mixture of divisions.

3. Use the booked tracks for open meetings.

All of this would be within England Athletics guidelines but decisions by the league committee would be final.

It was agreed that the top priority was that athletes should be given opportunities to compete, whatever the format!


Keith Perry

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