The Ultimate Halesowen-athlon

The Ultimate Halesowen-athlon

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Halesowen A&CC presents… The biggest… The bestest… “The ultimate Halesowen-athlon”

A 13-event challenge to see us out of lockdown (hopefully). With challenges spanning a wide range of athletic disciplines, there’s no way of knowing who’s coming out on top!

We have:
800m run as fast as you can, – Sophie Weaver is hot on the heels of Elliot Giles with a time of 03:27
– 1500m run as fast as you can,
– 3000m run as fast as you can,  – Sprint Specialist Peter Barks is hoping for sub 14 minutes
Chest Throw as far as you  can,
Overhead Throw as far as you  can,
Standing Long Jump as far as you can,
Standing Triple Jump as far as you  can,
Vertical Jump as high as you can reach,
Shuttle Run as quick as you can,
Plank for as long as you can, – Peter Plank Dear has set the bar at 3 min 40 seconds
Press Ups in a minute,  – Can you beat James Robinson’s 70?
Burpees in a minute,
Star Jumps in a minute – 70 is also the current top score for Eli McMillan


The competition Starts on Monday 1st March and will end on Sunday 4th April (any submissions made afterwards won’t count).

You may have multiple attempts at each event but only your first submission on the online form will score in the competition.

Please click on the following link to submit each of your performances:


We have decided to split this challenge into 2 leagues:

  • 5-to-score championship
  • 10-to-score championship

If athletes do not wish to participate in 10 events or more, their 5 best event performances will be taken. Any athletes who fancy competing across 10-13 events automatically exclude themselves from counting in the 5-to-score championship and their 10 best scoring events will be taken.

All results will be published as an “overall” and a “by category” (age group & gender)… There’s no reason to show any give here folks ⚔.

Event info:

Also check out our “Halesowen-athlon” playlist of demonstration videos to keep you on track with the activities and to give you any pointers if you need any help!

Please follow each activity as intended e.g. If it is a standing jump do not take a run up.

For those who are local enough to use the track, please do, but also ensure that you follow the government guidelines and maintain social distancing.

If you have any queries about running on our track (mentioned in one of Ollie Wright’s videos), or you would like for us to arrange a “pacer” for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either: Peter Dear (07465412226, or Ollie Wright (07449336921,
1 lap in lane 1 = 350m
1 lap in lane 4 = 375m

Good luck everyone!
Peter Dear & the Events Committee

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