Tremendous Time Trial Take Two

Tremendous Time Trial Take Two

This Saturday saw our second and very successful club-time trial event. 22 people ran distances between 600 and 2000 metres, with a solitary sprinter tackling the 100. Despite this year’s unusual circumstances and the limitations we’ve had on training and competitions, we still managed some great performances and a string of PBs.

The day’s success was set up by our brilliant team of pace makers. Marc Turner felt that pacing five separate athletes was too easy, so before the event started did a rep session as a warm-up. This earns him the club work-horse award. There were also valuable pacing contributions from David Lewis, Mark Hadley and Richard White.  But my nomination for athlete of the month goes jointly to Peter Dear and Mateus Sliwinski. They not only both ran excellent times of their own, but went out to do some of the tougher pacing duties on very tired legs; giving support to five other athletes each.

Thanks also to Lilly Higgins and Steve Horton for photography, our squad of impromptu volunteer assistant time-keepers and our new registration desk supremo – Deana Mannings. Particular thanks to our chairman Steven Millington whose impression of a cantankerous and miserable athletics official was loved by all. The flat mackerel goes to myself for a horrendous typo in the time-table. (Thanks to Melanie Hepke for not decking me).

We hope to have our next event on Saturday, 8th August (TBC). Please look out for further details.




Stewart Greenhalgh    100 metres (round 1)            11.4

Peter Dear                              1500m                                    4:12.9

Mateusz Sliwinski                  1200m                                    3:31.6

Eli McMcMillan                     2000m                                    8:01.0

Falan Malone-Priest              1500m                                    5:47.5

Melanie Hepke                      1200m                                    4:59.5

George Allen                          600m                                      2:00.5

Stewart Greenhalgh              100m (round 2).                    11:1

Richard White                        1 mile                                     5:04.0

Jamie Worton                        1500m                                    5:02.5

Sam Mannings                       2000m                                    6:07.7

Emily Amos                            800m                                      2:37.1

James Hoult                           800m                                      2:08.5

Alex Taylor                             1200m                                    4:24.5

Eleanor Stark                         1500m                                    5:17.1

Olivia Stark                            800m                                      3:11.9

David Lewis                            1 mile                                     5:21.9

Sarah Thompson          1200m                                    3:56.4

Annabel Stark                        1200m                                    4:34.2

Ryley Malone-Priest              800m                                      2:32.1

John Hill                                 1200m                                    4:31.7

Steve Horton                          800m                                      3:03.03


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