Request for Gate Marshall Volunteers

Request for Gate Marshall Volunteers

Your committee met last Wednesday evening for our monthly meeting, as usual there was a lot to discuss and actions that we need to implement over the next few weeks.I’ll try and send out information at the appropriate time in order that we don’t confuse everyone with too much information.

The first of these messages is a plea for a few extra volunteers on week night evenings.

  • We recently experienced a nasty incident on our track involving a collision between an athlete and cyclists.
  • To help prevent a repetition of this event we are looking to increase levels of supervision during dual training sessions at the club.
  • To this end we are looking for volunteers to help supervise the crossing point across the cycle track to the athletics track.
  • The current coaches and volunteers at the club are unable to cover all of these duties so we request your help in making the crossing safer for all members of the club.
  • We do not require a regular commitment (although it would be nice) just a willingness to help out every now and again.
  • If you are willing to help then please contact either of our welfare officers Anna Cosimetti or Paul Allen

We already have a few volunteers but need a few more to reduce the burden and to the make safer for all the members of the club.

I’m sure the good people of Halesowen will step up to the plate and help out with this situation.


Steven Millington


Halesowen A & CC (Athletic Section)

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