Provisional Timetable for Worcestershire County T&F Championships 12/05/19

Provisional Timetable for Worcestershire County T&F Championships 12/05/19

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Provisional TRACK TIMETABLE                  

No          Time      Event    Age Groups Heat/Final

T1           10:30     400H      U20, VM              Final

T2           10:35     300H      U17W    Final

T3           10:45     100m     U13G     Heats (2)

T4           10:55     100m     U13B     Final

T5           11:00     100m     U15G     Heats [2]

T6           11:30     800m     U13B, U15G        Final

T7           11:35     800m     U17W, MW         Final

T8           11:40     800m     U15B, U17M       Final

T9           11:45     800m     U20, SM, VM     Final

T10         12:15     100m     U13G     Final

T11         12:20     100m     U15G     Final

T12         12:25     100m     U15B     Final

T13         12:30     100m     U17W    Final

T14         12:35     100m     U17M    Final

T15         12:40     100m     SW, MW              Final

T16         12:45     100m     U20        Final

T17         12:50     100m     U20        Final

T18         12:55     100m     SM, MM               Final

T19         13:05     3000m   U15, U17, U20,  Final

13:05     5000m   Senior, Masters Final

T20         13:27     200m     U20        Final

T21         13:35     200m     U13G     Final

T22         13:40     200m     U15G     Heats [2]

T23         13:50     200m     U17W    Heats (2)

T24         14:00     200m     U17M, SM           Final

T25         14:15     70m H   U13G     Final

T26         14:20     75m H   U13B, U15G        Final

T27         14:25     80mH    U17W    Final

T28         14:30     800m     U13G     Final

T29         14:40     1500m   U13B, U15B        Final

T30         14:48     1500m   U17M, SM, MM Final

T31         14:56     1500m   U13G, U15G       Final

T32         15:04     1500m   U17W, U20         Final

T33         15:12     300m     U15B, U15G        Final

T34         15:15     300m     U17W    Final

T35         15:25     400m     U17M    Final

T36         15:30     400m     U20        Final

T37         15:35     400m     U20, SM, MM    Final

T38         15:45     200m     U13B     Final

T39         15:49     200m     U15G     Final

T40         15:53     200m     U15B     Final

T41         15:57     200m     U20, SW, MW    Final

T42         16:01     200m     U17W    Final


 No.         TIME      Event    AGE GROUPS

F1           10.30     Hammer              All Ages

F2           10.30     Long Jump          U13B, U15B

F3           10.30     Long Jump          U13G, U15G

F4           12.20     Discus   All Ages

F5           12.30     Long Jump          U17 to Seniors

F6           12.30     High Jump           All U13/15

F7           14.15     Shot Put               U13G,U15G

F8           14.30     Triple Jump         U15 to Seniors

F9           14.40     Javelin  All U13/15

F10         15.45     Shot Put               U17 to Seniors

F11         15.45     Javelin  U17 to Seniors

F12         15.45     High Jump           U17 to Seniors

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