PE  Advice on Athletics – Some tips on a range of events

PE Advice on Athletics – Some tips on a range of events


Thanks to coach Vanja, some hints and tips for a range of events


Below are links to video clips to improve your skills and/or your knowledge and understanding of athletics. Watch these and practice them if you have an opportunity, if you’re unable to practice then improve your knowledge of rules and watch a game situation to develop your understanding of the game.

Rules & Regulations

Athletics is divided into track (running) and field events (jumps and throws). Most athletes will just compete in one type of discipline, although some may do more than one (heptathlon).

There is a full list of events and what they are on the link below.

Skills and Practice. You may not be able to complete all of these at home however watching them will help improve you understanding of the techniques involved.

1500m sprint


Triple Jump

Shot Put

Games and competitive Best Athletic moments

London 2012 Highlights

London 2012 Paralympic Highlights

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